Nobody Seems to be Getting It

By | January 19, 2011

Well, that may simply be a bias of self-identification, but it’s definitely seemed to me for a while now that nobody is really getting it.

Unfortunately, my memory is not great, so I’m unsure whether people simply aren’t getting it like they used to, or if they never really got it all that much in the first place. I feel as if I used to get it a little more, but then again you’d have to be pretty dense not to learn from experience. Chances are, I’m probably getting it more than I used to, if anything, but it sure seems like I’m getting it less.

I know my friends aren’t getting it. I used to think that it was simply because the same things that made them likely to be my friends also made them less likely to get it (which is a rather depressing thought). However, the more I look around me, the more necessities lead me to be in contact with other people (shopping, working, mortgage refinancing, dining out, walking around) and especially the more media I experience (TV, radio, film, etc.), the more I have to conclude that we’re not all that uncommon, in that respect at least. I love these gift baskets and none of my friends ever want to partake. It’s confusing. Utterly.

Nobody is getting it.

And really, whose fault is it? I think any reasonable perspective on the situation as a whole leads you to the conclusion that it’s mostly our own damn fault for not getting it. I mean, it’s pretty much right there…why aren’t we getting it, what’s keeping us from getting it?

And, honestly, some people don’t get it because they don’t WANT to get it. Get it? They don’t want to because they don’t even get that they should be trying to get it. Well that’s confusing, but the point is that it may be my own problem for being so judgmental as to think that anyone even needs to get it. I certainly don’t get that!

I built websites selling sterling silver rings and tried to game the system by using techniques that Google banned. I tried to compete with legit sites like that is a genuinely great model for sterling silver jewelry. The jewelry business is very competitive, and you kind of need an edge to compete, and I chose off guideline strategies because they were quick and easy. And for a while my sites did great. But when my sites started receiving google penalties for all the black hat I was perpetrating, I told my shrink that I didn’t get it even when I really did. That made me think that everyone does that. And if that’s true then it’s a cultural problem – the society is training us to think that we don’t NEED to get it. Or worse

And the culture supports the nonsensical notion that not getting it might actually be a sign that you ARE getting it, but only in a way that signals otherwise – counterintuitive and all. Seriously, the culture may be the problem along with the rest of us. Ever think that someone who claims that nobody seems to get it might be actually provoking a response? I once thought that, but changed my mind when I figured out that if I have to provoke you to get it, that’s the same as you just not getting it.

See what I mean?

You probably don’t get it, right?

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